Tips For Buying Your First RC Helicopter

‘Why would anybody want to buy an RC helicopter?.’ This is something many people wonder. Not everybody has the money to purchase a full sized helicopter, flying lessons, and things like that. Sometimes, having fun with an RC helicopter is as close as you’re going to get.

That doesn’t mean that flying an RC helicopter is any less fun though. That’s why this unusual hobby is growing in popularity. Some consider it a ‘toy’, but to many people, it’s so much more than that. If you’re interested in buying your first RC helicopter, these tips will help:

Deciding On The Type Of RC Helicopter

There are a few factors that determine the kind of helicopter you choose. There are different motors and features that could be suited to you. With more expensive helicopters, you’ll get a better design with more control. However, you might want something simpler to begin with. The 3 channel range is perfect for absolute beginners. As you progress, you can move your way up to channel 4 and then channel 6. Make sure you don’t go straight for a channel 6 if you’re buying your first RC helicopter. Always consider your skill level and how you’re going to use it before buying. You also want to think about whether you are serious about this or whether you’re just testing it out to see how it goes. There’s also the option to buy your helicopter ready to fly, or put one together yourself.

Make sure you also consider the accessories and add ons you’ll be able to incorporate later on. Some people want to use their helicopter for simple reasons, while others might want to use there’s to take pictures from a height. It’s all possible, so consider how you may want to use yours in the future.

Considering Part Availability

One of the things that attracts people to RC helicopters is that it’s like having a real miniature helicopter. You will likely need to repair it in a similar way to a real helicopter. Considering part availability because of this is a must. You may have to buy certain parts from the same manufacturer. If you know you’ll be using your helicopter a lot, it’ll likely be subject to much wear and tear. This makes this an important consideration. There’s also the possibility of upgrading your helicopter with various parts.

Choosing Your Power Source

There are a few different power sources you can find when looking at RC helicopters. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Glow fuel - this is the most common type of power source. Can provide up to 10 minutes of flight time depending on engine. Some can go up to a mile high.
  • Electric batteries - can offer up to 12 minutes of flight time. Sometimes safer to use than glow fuel. They can mean lower costs and aren’t as noisy as other power sources. Good choices for those who want to take videos.
  • Gasoline - you’ll need to maintain and repair these models almost like a real helicopter.

Make sure you consider these things when buying your first RC helicopter!

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