The Perfect Xmas Gift Ideas For Kids Of All Ages

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Christmas is nearly here, and you’ve probably already started looking at those lists and checking them twice. But if you’re still hopelessly confused about what to buy your kids this year, we’ve got some great ideas. Let’s look at some of the best Christmas gifts for kids of all ages that children would love to open come Christmas morning.


Top toys for kids under 3 years +

If your little one is under three years of age, it can be quite difficult to shop for them. You don’t want to get a toy with parts that could be swallowed, and you’re probably looking for something that isn’t going to break easily. At this age, you should be looking for something that is quite large with virtually no small parts. You also want a toy that will stimulate attention with bright colours or sounds.
A great toy this year would be a fire engine with flashing lights and music. This basic toy is clunky and robust, easily able to withstand a few bumps and scrapes in the back garden.
Or, you could get a horse and carriage. This toy is perfect for stimulating their imagination and will give them lots of hours of place on Christmas morning. My Little Pony has become very popular with kids lately, so we’re sure they’ll love this gift.


Top Toys For Kids Aged 5+ Years

For children that are a little older, you can think about getting them their first RC toy. If your kid is five-year-old or over they should be able to handle one of the more basic RC models. However, basic doesn’t make them any less impressive and you can even get ones that look like their favourite car. For instance, you can get an RC modeled after the fastest car in the world, the Bugatti Veyron! Any little budding petrol head is going to love this gift, that’s for sure.
Or, how about a toy that transforms from a helicopter into a robot? We’re sure you would have wanted a toy like this when you were little, and we bet your kid would love one too. They’ll get hours of fun with 1:14 RC Autobot Transform that really changes by control!


Top Toys For Kids aged 12 years +

For children approaching teens, the perfect gift would be teaching them how to fly. You can get them a remote control helicopter that soars high up in the air within their control. The best part is that you can buy based on experience. Channel 3 helicopters are for beginners, and if your kid already has some knowledge of how to fly, you can buy a more advanced model. Just imagine how happy they’ll be taking one of these out for a test flight on Christmas day!
Or finally, give your child a glimpse of the future with a proper VR headset. Let them see a brand new world and get lost in an adventure that feels more real than any video game. The only problem here is that you’ll probably want to keep it for yourself!
We hope you use some of these ideas and have fun shopping for Christmas gifts this season.

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