Remote Control Helicopters

 Remote Control Helicopters

Radio Controlled Helicopters

You’ve seen them in action films, you’ve seen them steered by rich and powerful men, you’ve maybe been in one for a tour or flown one in a simulator, but nothing compares to owning your own! Helicopters, unless you’re lucky enough to win the lottery, are unobtainable vehicles, kings of the sky but you can have your very own – it may be an RC helicopter, but who cares!

Experience the thrill that comes with piloting such a vehicle, and indulge yourself with a great range of RC Helicopters available from The FlyZone. Sure to excite and delight users, our range of remote control helicopters are great fun to use, providing endless hours of adventure.

RC Helicopters

We have an extensive range to choose from with both 3, 4 and 6 channel models available, all of which are powered by electricity. We even have remote control helicopters with cameras on board! So no matter what your skill level, whether you’re an expert or a novice, we have remote control helicopters to suit you.

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