The Quadcopters in our range will make a fantastic birthday gift for teenagers or an ideal gift for remote control enthusiasts. We offer a wide range of battery powered Remote Control Quadcopters in different sizes and colours to suit different budgets, and all batteries are included. Quadcopters are a form of Drone, designed with four arms, a propeller at the end of each arm and a motor for each propeller. Very easy and fast assembly. It is the four arms that give them their unique stability, making them ideal camera drones. 

Multicopters and Quadcopters have more than two rotors and use fixed pitch blades - perfect for obtaining aerial pictures and video from a completely new vantage point. Quadcopters are designed using a quad rotor configuration for stable flight and reduced wind resistance, offering a different flying experience to conventional Radio Controlled helicopters, although, Quadcopters keep the vertical take-off and landing. The carbon fiber frame is impact resistant with the rotor blades and other components being easily removed, repaired or replaced.

Multi rotor frames and Quadcopters come in various sizes and configurations, a Quadcopter consists of four motors. FlyZone offer camera’s for still and video capture for all our range of Quadcopters and Helicopters.


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