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We have an extensive experience in remote control helicopters as we started in the business with the oldest and most basic ones. When the quad-copters came on the market we were really excited to test as many as possible to make sure that our customers get the best possible quality while maintaining a reasonable low price.

The Drone X is possible one of the best out there, perfectly capable to fly indoor and outdoor. As a smaller size, it can fly in most of the rooms while on the high speed can fly outdoors in windy days.

It has 3 flying modes. Slow mode for indoors flight, Fast mode for outdoor and a flip mode. All this are available at a press of a button.

The blades are colour coded, so you can recognise the front or the back. the good news is that is has bright LED lights, also colour coded, perfect for night flight.

The good news with the LED lights on this quad-copter is that they are bright enough so you can see it from far away while maintaining a very low battery consumption.

The range is up to 300 feet any direction from the remote. If you want to buy more than one, the good news is that it has 2.4 GHz controller. This new technology allows you to operate in the same area more than 20 models, interference free. When the second drone is switched on, automatically goes on a different channel than the first one.

If it is the first flying gadget you ever had, don't be troubled. It is, in fact, one of the easiest to control. Also it has guards around the blades so in case that you do get some crashes here and there it will last you longer.

As a 4 channel quadcopter is highly aerobatic and with a bit of practice you will be amazed of how many can do. Definitelly will keep you, or your loved ones busy and entertained for a good time. 


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