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Nano Drone Nano Drone Nano Drone Nano Drone Nano Drone Nano Drone Nano Drone Nano Drone

Nano Drone

Price: £30.00

Colour: Tooltip


Anyone that had a helicopter in the past still remembers the thrill of getting a new and a cool gadget.This is one of the smallest quadcopters in the world at the moment available for anyone to enjoy.

The main difference between the remote control helicopters and these latest design quadcopters is that the latest ones can fly outdoor too. You have to know that not all quadcopters are able to hold themselves stable in the winds. That is where we get in! All our models have been carefully selected between a wide rage that is available at the moment on the market. So, if you buy one of our models, definitelly will be able to fly outdoors  (make sure it doesn't rain or the winds are not too strong).

Our aim, here, at The Flyzone is to offer our customers a wide range of quadcopters in different sizes and colors. The nano drone, here, is our smallest size from the collection, but it is as potent as the bigger ones. It can fly on a long range with its interference free 2.4 Ghz remote control technology and as 4 channel control, it can fly any direction on a range up to 150 feet.

At a press of a button it can make you look as a professional by perfoming 360 degree flips and rolls with the nano drone.

The best feature for this design is that it can fly indoor and outdoor, day or night as it has color coded blades and lights.

Why not give it a try and be amazed!


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