Remote Control Helicopters

The Flyzone offer a range of excellent Remote Control Helicopters, from basic entry level 3 channel options for the young beginner to more advanced 6 channel RC Helicopters for the more advanced user.

For the very beginners we have the cheaper RC Helicopters in our 3 channel range which all have full movement control up and down, forward and backward, turn left and right. The Viper is a very good RC Helicopter to start on, it's a little cheaper than the Phantom V2 so as you learn the ropes and crash a few times it is less expensive to replace or repair.

Once you have begun to perform your own flips and rolls, or you have already got to grips with flying RC Helicopters and then you'll want to upgrade to our intermediate level 4 channel range. We recommend our Raptor RC Helicopter. This model is a great step up and you'll be able to develop your skills even further, with advanced 4 channel controls, enabling you to perform ascending, descending, up, down, turn left and right, tilt and also has the ability to fly sideways.

Once you have mastered the Intermediate level 4 channel RC Helicopters why not see how good you really are by upgrading to our advanced range of 6 channel RC helicopters. For the RC Helicopter pros out there, our Razor 6 will be right up your street.

All Remote Control Helicopters can be controlled remotely inside the home or outdoors and batteries are included.

Flyzone supply all the spare parts for these RC helicopters and Quadcopters too, so if your in a accident and need to repair, or even an upgrade, contact us to find out more.


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