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This helicopter comes to revolutionize the use of the video cameras on the rc helicopters. The live streaming from this helicopter works smoothly directly on your smartphone.  You do not have to wait till you go back inside to the computer to see the recordings or pictures. And as you have them on your phone they are easier to share with the friends.

It is very easy to use, just download the application on your android phone/tablet or iPhone/iPad it is free to do it. Once you have the application on your phone you can connect to the camera and see live videos. If you wish you can record them or you can take a quick snap. Everything will be stored on your device's memory.

The camera connects through Wi-Fi with your smart device, but this does not mean that you need to have internet on it, it just uses the Wi-Fi modem, so you can use it in plain fields, or anywhere you want to take it and look to the surroundings from the top. 

The helicopter itself is very easy to fly and it stabilizes itself as it comes with a gyroscope. It addresses skills close to none for flying indoors or outdoors.

It has a good range of 150-200 feet in any direction from the remote.

With this helicopter you can start looking at the world around from a different perspective, so why would you not do it?

The helicopter comes all set up ready to go with the camera and includes all the instructions you might need to get you airborne in no-time.


For any further questions you find us available over the phone on 020 8686 5651 or by email at


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