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The Raptor is a 4 channel, 2.4 Ghz controlled, gyroscope stabilised helicopter. The distance to control it is up to 240 feet and it can fly indoor or outdoor. Unlike other models in its size, this helicopter can fly outdoor in windy conditions and for extra power you can change between slow/quick mode while flying.

The advantage of having a external battery is that you do not have to run and charge it after every flight. It comes in the box complete with two battery packs that can be charged with the charging dock provided simultaneously or one at a time. For convenience, the batteries can be charged by USB, when indoors, or by the wire provided on the remote when out and about.

If you already have a 3 channel helicopter, then this will be a great step forward into the hobby.  If you never had one before, still will be easy enough to master considering that still is gyroscope stabilized.


With the 4 channel controls this helicopter is able to fly in perfect circles or make stunts close to professinonal models.



  • ·         4 channel control: ascending, descending, up, down, turn left and right, tilt and flies sideways
  • ·         2.4 Ghz technology
  • ·         Flexible blades
  • ·         Light weight design
  • ·         Lithium Polymer batteries for extended battery life


  • ·         Helicopter size: 220 mm
  • ·         Main blades diameter: 193 mm
  • ·         Tail blade diameter: 35 mm
  • ·         Distance control: up to 240 feet
  • ·         Suitable for indoor/ outdoor flight
  • ·         Hi / Low Speed control
  • The package includes:
  • ·         1 x Ready to Fly helicopter
  • ·         1 x 2.4 Ghz, 4 channel transmitter
  • ·         2 x Lithium- Polymer rechargeable batteries
  • ·         1 x Spare set of main blades
  • ·         1 x Tail blade
  • ·         1 x USB charging cable
  • ·         1 x charging dock
  • ·         1 x User's guide



The remote control requires 6 AA batteries (not included)


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